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Importance of Hair Transplant for the Elderly

There is increasing interest in hair transplant in geriatric population. Most of them are focused on self improvement. The current trends emphasize that these people have to continue working. The elderly remain active to improve their well being. Ongoing advancement in medicine has led to significant improvements in this particular population.

There are several innovations in the field of hair transplantation. Older men and women are now acceptable candidates of this procedure. Men who had bald heads for more than forty years can now find a suitable solution. Post menopausal women also benefit from hair restoration services.

Older patients are ideal candidates of this procedure. At this age, baldness patterns are clearly defined. The progress of hair loss is predictable. It is easier for consultants to make an accurate plan. Change in color is also advantageous. White hair has surgical advantage compared to darker hair.

Surgeons prefer to operate on elderly patients because they have more realistic expectations. Most of them have faced hair loss for years. They do not expect complete coverage. Careful examination and post operative care is important in this group.

Are Hair Transplants Really Worth It?

Affecting both men and women, hair loss leads to self- consciousness and low self- esteem. More people are embracing the art of hair transplant as a remedy for hair loss. Statistics indicate that hair restoration procedures increased by 13% between the years 2004 and 2006 in the US. Worldwide, the number of people seeking hair restoration has grown by 30%. More people are realizing the immense benefits of hair transplantation. Most men attest to the fact that hair makes them feel younger and sexier. A recent survey conducted by International Society of Hair Restoration revealed that hair loss affected people’s social life and career. Hair transplantation has been practiced for nearly half a century. The question is, are hair transplants worth it?

The answer would be yes. Given the immense benefits that come with hair restoration, a transplant is indeed a worthy investment. To start with, hair transplantation offers a permanent solution to hair loss. It has been proved that transplanted hair tends to be resistant to DHT hormone which causes hair loss. Upon getting a transplant, your new hair is not likely to thin out and fall.

Transplant will help you attain a natural look. Unlike hair pieces which may not match your natural hair color, a transplant will look so natural on you. Transplant simply entails uprooting your own hair mainly from the back of your head and planting it on the bald area. The hair follicles are planted in a natural way. It will be hard for people to notice you have undergone a transplant.

The transplant process is painless and only requires a local anesthesia. It is a simple outpatient procedure that takes less than a day to complete. Therefore, you will not be exposing yourself to any risk at all by undergoing a transplant.

The amazing emotional benefits that hair restoration brings cannot be overlooked. A transplant will restore your self -esteem and confidence. You no longer have to feel self- conscious. You can enjoy a healthy social life!

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So I guess this is where I tell you a little bit about myself and why I am doing this page. Well it is pretty simple really, I started to lose my hair at a relatively young age and it made me lose all of my confidence, so I took the time to research what options I had, eventually settling on getting a hair transplant, which is the best thing I have ever done in my life.

So why am I doing this page? Well I just want to help to spread the word about the hair transplants, what is involved in it and what the results are like, giving you all the knowledge you need about the procedure before you fully commit to getting it done. I hope it helps.